Operations Engineering

Operations Staffingpeople

GPM engineering contract staffing services offer flexibility and expertise to keep your operations running covering absences (maternity leave, extended illness, etc…),  supporting overworked staff or even testing new positions.

We can supply with Operations and engineering resources rapidly anywhere in the world to support your business needs.


Contract Engineeringsupport

Our experienced engineers from Mechanical, Electrical and Process disciplines can join your workforce for periods of time when the workload for your teams increases due to projects or any other particular situations.

We have helped our customer in many situations sending our engineers with short notice to different locations around the world to cover to support day to day tasks in different customer departments

Contract Operations Supportproduction

We have in our team engineers with experience in plant management, production and maintenance leadership who can quickly integrate in your operations to cover resources gaps and helping to keep productivity in these situations

Male engineer and female factory employees in hardhats walking on plant floor and talking, man pointing at equipment and instructing women. Back view. Industrial occupation concept