Smart Field Project Management


VIP’s provides two major functions to Project Management:

Field-based task tracking:

  • Provide discipline leaders with information needed to set up machines/processes during Install/ECO/PCO phases of projects.
  • Leverage existing technology and explore BYOD (“Bring your own device”) approach, in order to improve efficiency in project execution and checkout accuracy

Project Leadership and Stakeholders:

  • Provide project management with an overview of project status in real time. (Live) Dashboard.
  • Create a direct communication channel for Support teams in order to improve issues resolution and efficiency in reaction times (Access to punchlists, meeting notes…)
  • Our internally developed Project Management App helps your team to execute fast-paced projects from concept to production.


VIPs in the field…

  • Provide discipline leaders with information needed to set up your machinery in all phases of the projects.
  • Each discipline leader carries a tablet with them which displays the information needed for completion of tasks, and equipment set up, based upon product spec.
    • Electrical leader
    • Process leader
    • Mechanical leader
    • Project Managers
  • This helps the discipline leaders to spend more time working with the team to keep the project on track rather than wasting time chasing information.

Manage project resources dynamically and monitor their performance


Control Issues and Track Progress


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