Allows it’s users to manage all of their Operational, Engineering and Project tasks in one dynamic platform.

Better still, the application works on your laptop, tablet or
smartphone to give you the flexibility you need in any
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One of the keys to our success is our attention to detail in managing hundreds of tasks across different locations and functional areas every day.

Manage and Monitor ProjectsVIPs in a Nutshelldigital

What is VIPs?

VIPs is an app developed in-house that helps our teams and our customers to manage projects and operations in a smart way. We redefined traditional project management apps by taking extra weight out and adding extra features that allow different team members to access the information they all need the way it best works for them and the project results.

How does it work?

VIPs app can be accessed via web browser or mobile app. Registered users will have access to a portal with the projects they belong to and the customers will have access to a general project status dashboard with real-time information about metrics, schedule, and daily updates. Our team will help configure the project tasks depending on the needs of the situation.

What type of projects can I execute?

VIPs was originally conceived for traditional engineering projects that had a specific start date, end date and a number of predefined tasks. However, as we improved the app, we have now added recurring tasks function that allows us to track normal operation activities, maintenance jobs and productivity improvement efforts. So basically VIPs can be implemented for projects and operations life cycles in your plant.

How can I implement VIPs in my plant?

Let’s get in touch for a demonstration and based on your specific needs we will adapt the app for your projects.

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OperationsComplete a walk around check as part of daily management systemsmanage

With just a few clicks the interactive check sheet is available on your mobile device to guide you through your work.

MaintenanceService and maintenance jobs can be managed and monitored through VIPsmaintain

The work order will be in your queue with instructions, diagrams and a spare parts list so the technicians or operators can follow tasks as they complete their jobs.
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Full-scale ProjectsWant to manage a machine upgrade or even a larger scale project?projects

The project module in VIPs allows you to plan and implement pre-work, installation, check out and startup activities and then monitor progress through a range of real-time tools and reports.
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