Global Process Control

Turn data into actionable information. GPC platform provides both plant-floor level and leadership staff members with direct access to real-time and historical information of the assets and their performance via web and mobile access.

Smart FactoryConnect your manufacturing worldConnect

Using our 30+ years of the team’s process and manufacturing experience and supported by a dedicated team of developers, we created a software platform to help our customers to optimize their assets efficiency based on Industry 4.0 Capabilities and Benefits.

Want to smartly use the plant-floor data to improve efficiency?OEE

Our GPC platform, and its operational environment, provides a world-class way to actually see data that allows smart decision making to improve the performance of the assets, and whole plant.

Production StatusWant your operations leadership team to have a clear understanding of production lines status?Real-time

The main dashboard screen allows managers and leaders to have a bird’s-eye view of the current equipment status and performance. This screen gives a quick understanding on machine current conditions and helps in the decision making to address issues or barriers to staying GREEN.

Analyze dataWant to analyze historical data?Historian

GPC comes with a historian server that stores process and performance values over time. This allows anyone using the application to analyze time series information in order to understand past situations or events, or to identify patterns and root causes for product quality issues or machine performance limitations.

Commonly needed trends will be pre-configured, but the users are able to create their own trends depending on the information they want to see.
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