Effective use of problem solving techniques to identify improvement opportunities and deliver sustainable improvements.

 We specialize in process engineering for the manufacturing industry

Nonwoven Process design

Designers of processes that convert nonwoven into products. Bonding, adhesives, unwinding, slitting, cutting, high speed processing.

Tissue converting process design

Packaging, casing, bundle wrapping, bagging, conveying, palletizing,

Web handling process design & commissioning

Unwinding and processing webs, 2000mtr per min, process control, inspection systems, reject systems,

Consumer products process design

Quality systems and product quality management systems, inspection and reject systems design at high speed, 20 products per second,

Installation management & checkouts

Mech and Elec installation management, and technical check out of manufacturing equipment,

Lean Manufacturing

Design of operational systems, Operational optimization, scheduling systems, planning,

Continuous improvement

Thinking outside the box, pushing for world class, better, faster, cheaper systems design,

Process control management

Real time process feedback system, Operational friendly systems, quality management, TPM (Total Process Maintenance) system, Task management system design.

Grade change management (SMED)

Machine change over management systems, simple to follow task management systems, OEE management, delay optimization, tool less grade change,

Productivity improvements projects

Project management, recourse scheduling, reporting systems design, training, work flow design,

Waste reduction systems

Production reporting systems, process management systems, low waste system design, and implementation, operational training,

Manufacturing cost reduction projects

Production increase systems, supply chain management, high speed manufacturing design, process optimization,

High speed manufacturing optimization

Servo motor machines design, software development and optimization, 20 products per second, control systems, operational systems,

Supply chain optimization

Product supply systems, just in time management, quality management

Design, installation & commissioning of high speed converting assets.

Leadership & support of product and / or equipment upgrade

Web handling specialists for tissue & non woven based processes

Training and troubleshooting

Customised OEE improvement projects

Waste reduction / productivity improvements using our lean manufacturing skills

  • 5’S
  • SMED
  • Kaizen Improvement Workshops

Process control improvements

Centrelining – Training, implementation and auditing